Pictures are what I post of my sims. I also make poses. Feel free to request one. I also post some nonsims stuff, but I always tag it.


cobrasimship replied to your post:Whats Is it fun? Do people actually do it?
I used for my Roleplay characters. It’s okay as long as people actually use it. Its kind of like Tumblr asks though.

Ah, okay. Dont see the point in me getting one then.

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Sephora is my life when it comes to make-up!!! So I figured my simmies should have some in game and your simmies as well. Enjoy<3

Sephora Make-Up Clutter:

  • 6 Objects With Various Swatches
  • Found Under Decor In Misc Decor Section


Do Not Claim As Your Own && No Re-Uploading

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Original  Meshes by Me( yayasimblr )

Images From Sephora

The Sephora Sign By anonymouslykrissy-sims (Thank You Bby for letting me use your lovely sign<3)