Pictures are what I post of my sims. I also make poses. Feel free to request one. I also post some nonsims stuff, but I always tag it.


What do you do besides play the sims? Like work or school etc.

Well, I in high school, I take it online though. But next your I am going back to public. I also loooovvveeee reading. Mostly fanfiction, but I also own a lot a books and am a regular at the library! And I am practicing makeup in preparedness to go to beauty and hair school for college, along with history or folklore.

Sorry for all the mistakes. I have dyslexia and I should be wearing glasses

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sim request for simsiguess aka the best

you get to name her, jordan!!! and also give her traits and shit everything is randomized besides her everyday outfit :*

CC used: 

hair (by you!! so u betta have it) || brows || freckles (i think it’s 2 but it might be 1 omg dont hate me) || eye shadow || blush || lipstick (dry lips) || outfit || shoes || earrings (double hoops)

she also uses s-club’s lashes but i assume you already have those~

i’ll send her file to you….now! 

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Rachelle Hollis - YA

Skin: Kurasoberina Candied Starfruit Non-Default 
Hair: Julia526
Eyebrows: MissDayDreams
Makeup: EA Eyeshadow, EA Eyeliner, Newsea, amvalvo Monroe Piercing

Outfit: Anubis360 with EA Pattern
Shoes: Pixicat
Accessories: LorandiaSims3

Outfit: Anubis360 with EA Pattern
Shoes: EA

Top: EA
Bottom: EA

Top: Orange-Sim
Bottom: miraminkova
Shoes: EA
Accessories: EA Gloves

Outfit: LianaSims3

Top: Bring Me Victory with EA Pattern
Bottom: EA
Shoes: EA
Accessories: EA Gloves

*This Sim uses a list of sliders that can be found here.


This girl makes my heart sing. :P Change the traits and lifetime wish to what you’d like!

Thank you for using my hair retexture!